Reviewed by Meghan Player

As the small but enthusiastic crowd gathers outside of Enigma Bar – there is an awed hush of excitement that fills the air. Tonight is the second and last show on Welsh band Blue Gillespie‘s maiden voyage to Australian shores – who first caught our attention with ‘Synesthesia‘ and have been on our radar as a ‘must see’ act ever since.

As the die-hard fans claim their places in front of the stage [some travelling from different parts of Australia for tonights set] – the energy that builds when the band hit the stage in undeniable. This night has clearly been a long time coming.

As the haunting melodies ring out over the venue, my mind [and ears] are subsequently blown when frontman Gareth David-Lloyd opens his mouth. Howling and crooning like a man possessed, Lloyd delivers exactly what their albums promise – a bone crunching, spin-tingling, head-banging adrenalin rush that builds and subsides with natural intensity.

The combination of Rhys Bryant‘s thrashing guitar chords and Nick Harrison‘s anthematic drumming would make any metal fan weak at the knees – with each ensuing melody played louder and harder than you ever thought humanly possible.

It’s by the time the set reaches first single, ‘Grim Determination‘ that it becomes apparent the band are playing latest album, ‘Seven Rages of Man‘ from beginning to end. A melodic and astounding epic, the songs take on a life of their own in a live setting – throwing the crowd into a sea of roaring, wonderful noise. This was an album that was meant to be played live, as much as the band is someone you need check out.

Without question, Blue Gillespie are one of the few underground prog rock/metal bands that are at the top of their game. Their natural sound progression and style is a formidable force – a trait that is only displayed further in a live setting. If their previous offerings and live sets are anything to go by, the future is looking wonderfully promising for the Welsh three-piece.

Bring the noise.

[Photos from the night can be found at:]


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