Reviewed by Meghan Player

The Sandringham Hotel might have been in the local headlines for all the wrong reasons of late, but it seems ‘the show must go on’ – with tonight being no exception.

Blackbird [aka Spank Cauldron] – a heavy, melodic six piece – are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Four guitarists/bassist take up a large part of the stage, pulsating and generally ripping your eardrums to pieces with each heavy “crunch”. The rhythmic chant of the drum/bass combo, coupled with the howling vocals is equal parts hypnotic as it is earth-shattering – which leaves the crowd, including myself, with their minds blown.

Following act The Peep Tempel are just as fierce as their previous counterparts – all be it with a more punk, early rock twist. A mix somewhere between The Clash and The Hives, the Melbourne 3-pieces’ sound is infectious, loud and explosive – warming the crowd with each ensuing song.

However, it’s by the time Gay Paris reaches the stage – the crowd is ready to break into fully fledged party mode. Opening with the always infectious, always crowd-pleasing ‘My First Wife? She Was a Fox Queen!‘ – the band runs through a set list consisting of debut album highlights – ‘Blacktooth Supper Club‘, ‘House Fire in the Origami District‘ – as well as a badass cover of ODB‘s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya‘.

The Demarcation Of Joseph Hollybone‘, the newest addition to the Gay Paris family – receives a welcome applause from the crowd. Whilst only  a taste of what is to come from the new album ‘The Last Good Party‘ – the infectious and downright funky style of the song would make any crowd thrust in appreciation – including those in attendance tonight.

Undoubtedly, Gay Paris are one of the finest bands on the local scene – their live sets are never boring, never predictable and never fail at showing the audience how to, quite simply, have a good time. Certainly, if the new album is going to be ‘The Last Good Party‘ – then we’re all in for one hell of a night.



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