Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what?
I’m Philippe Gerber/JOHN 3:16, I’m from London and a few years ago, I relocated to Geneva, Switzerland. JOHN 3:16 was started in 2007, as a studio-only project but after Heat From a DeadStar (Ace of Hearts Records) disbanded in 2010, JOHN 3:16 became my official live act.  I play all the instruments in this project.

Describe your sound/lyric style
It has been written that JOHN 3:16’s sound mixes “many different styles and genres such as those designed as psychedelic-electronic analogue circuit no-wave, industrial, ambient, shoegaze, pop, trip-hop…” (Terapija Webzine, Croatia). For me, JOHN 3:16 is just pure Industrial.

Who are your main influences? What else inspires you?
Swans, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, This Mortal Coil, Miles Davis, Raphael, John Coltrane, Hesperion XXI, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Coil, Bruno Dumont, Earth, John Carpenter, Jordi Savall, Paul Auster, Psychic TV, Laibach, Trent Reznor, Roky Erickson, Hieronymus Bosch, my kids…

What are you working on now?
I have been working last summer on the new JOHN 3:16 release. The first JOHN 3:16 album ‘Visions of the Hereafter – Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory’ (ALRN033) will be released via Alrealon Musique later this month. The nine tracks were recorded at the Alrealon Studio/Laboratory(76). Carolyn O’Neill (Director of the Logan Square New Music Ensemble) co-wrote the track ‘Abyss of Hell/Clouds of Fire’ and William Schaff (Okkervil River, Songs: Ohia, Godspeed You! Black Emperor…) designed the original artwork.

Are you touring now? When/where?
I’m working on two exclusive 2-hour sets I’ll be playing in Israel in February 2013. From May 2013, I’ll be touring intensively in the US, including a show at the Experi-MENTAL Festival (PAS/Alrealon) in Brooklyn.

What can people expect at your live gigs?
When people are ready to hear something new, I believe they are enjoying themselves.

Where can people check out your music?
You can stream and download some tracks here:

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/john316john

Bandcamp: http://john316.bandcamp.com

Listen toVisions of the Hereafter – Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory’:


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