Reviewed by Leo Kindred

Revocation previously have demonstrated an amazing ability for fresh sounding modern technical death metal firmly implanted in the thrash genre, and oozing ability for musical diversity and freshness. This release in that respect is no different.

It’s not just the fast songs about war/death – although of course we all love those – but the scope of sound which can take in something above the confines of a genre which, if we’re honest, can be very easily caricatured for it’s stale delivery of hackneyed musical devices and lowbrow reactionary recycling of past glory.

Over last year’s Chaos of Forms Revocation’s almost overly competent ability left me struggling; I found it didn’t hold the attention for a full length album, lacking immediacy and being too noodly.

On this 5 track EP though from start to finish there is nothing but fully functional tech-metal that is a joy to hear. It’s fairly rare to find a band at the thrash end of the extreme metal spectrum this switched on to making great classy songs as well as showing off the shredding and fast-tempo neck-breakers, but Revocation tread this path blindfolded, skipping and singing.

Hearing  David Davidson (a great guitarist with a GREAT name!) yell the lyrics during ‘The Grip Tightens‘ is a trait of a band at the top of their game- although if you’ve seen the recent music video for the track it’ll be hard not to get the image of the band as OAP’s in a retirement home out of your banging head.

And as mentioned, the musical dexterity is off the page – grabbing attention with uncompromising laser-guided precision on every masterly track, with guitar interplay and rhythm sections tighter than a nun’s bum, and, it has to be said, brilliant album artwork to boot.

Revocation’s synthesis of pure songwriting ability, virtuosity and intensity is easily the best EP I’ve heard this year, dodging the derivative pitfalls and delivering with a genuinely original vision. It’s up there with Mutant‘s Laserdrome as a record making me think all is not lost for technical thrash just yet.



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