Reviewed by Hannah Sebestjanowicz

Any to chance to catch Every Time I Die live is a chance you should never turn down, and tonight is no exception as the crowd at Wolverhampton’s Slade Rooms are soon to find out. The last time ETID were in this part of town was when they played the Academy 2 in Birmingham last December, I definitely prefer this venue though as it just seems more intimate which lends itself perfectly for tonight’s performance.

First up tonight are Southern hardcore/metalcore types Last Witness who despite playing a pretty tight set get little to no reaction from the crowd. Sporting a fetching pair of pink shorts vocalist Theo Kindynis gives it his all; he may be small in demeanor but he can sure belt it out, and it’s shame they get such a poor reaction.

Long Islander’s Stray From The Path fare much better. Hurricane Sandy may have savaged the East coast of the US but it would seem that Stray From The Path have managed to channel some of that destructive energy as they blast through a solid set. Vocalist Drew York demands more energy and movement from the crowd who are still pretty static at this point bar a few bodies moving in the pit. The new song ‘Landmines‘ is pretty brutal and set closer ‘Negative and Violent‘ tops off a highly enjoyable performance, Stray From The Path are definitely on my radar now and I look forward to hearing more new material.

I have to admit tonight I wasn’t the most professional reviewer, you won’t have found me at the back taking notes, I just had to get in on the action! Leaving my bag in the capable hands of the very nice merch guy I made my way into the heart of the pit for one of the sweatiest and most fun shows I’ve been to in a very long time.

Every Time I Die were made to plays rooms like this, and as they take to the stage with no fanfare whatsoever they proceed to lay waste to the venue, taking no prisoners from the start as they open up with the blistering ‘Kill The Music‘. ETID are masters of the big dirty riff and guitarists Andy Williams and Jordan Buckley keep them coming.  There is minimal crowd interaction from the band, they don’t need to tell the crowd to move because there is bodies moving in the pit for the entirety of the set.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll know that ETID released one of the albums of their career this year in the form of ‘Ex Lives‘ and the album’s opening track ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space‘ is pretty darn awesome – and in the live setting it takes on a whole other level and sounds huge. There’s no let up as the band power through a set that encompasses both the old and new perfectly. Keith seems to be taking some kind of powers from his majestic beard; this is the best I’ve seen and heard from him, proving why he is one of the best front-men going.

Seeing as though it’s the night before Halloween it seems appropriate that they would take a song request from down the front and play ‘I Suck (Blood)‘. Its inevitable that they play ‘Ebolarama‘, but why wouldn’t you when its such a huge crowd pleaser?! The big, dirty, rifftastic, sing along ‘We’rewolf‘ is immense and with the number of kids being launched into the air to crowd-surf it’s obvious the crowd are having a great time. It may be as hot as hell in here, but with sweat dripping from Keith, the rest of the band and the majority of the crowd, no one seems to care. Again, why would you?

ETID will always be one of my favourite live bands, the energy they create is immeasurable: no bullshit, just massive songs and plenty of fun.

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