Reviewed by Meghan Player

There is a certain level of overwhelming happiness when you’re going along to cover not one, but two bands that have shaped your love affair with the local music scene.

The Snowdroppers hit the stage first and man, oh man how things have changed for the four-‘Fucked Up Blues‘ misfits over the last 12 months. Having gone from a relatively ‘underground’ following, to gracing some of the biggest festival stages in Australia over the last year – the band has seen their fan-base grow considerably. Tonight is a clear demonstration of just why that is.

Frontman Johnny Wishbone runs from one end of the stage to the other – screaming and thrusting like a man possessed – accompanied by tight-as-all-hell melodies courtesy of Pauly K [guitar], London [bass] and Cougar [drums].

Their set list consists of both the old and the new – from classic ‘Do The Stomp‘ to latest single ‘White Dress‘ – demonstrating the bands progression not only as performers, but their development in sound and style – proving they’re not simply, ‘one trick ponies’.

Tonight however, belongs to the Beards.

Now, I love beards. Alot. I also love music. Alot. For a band to be able to combine these two things and create something that is not only entertaining, but wholly enjoyable by every man, woman and child is no easy task – but the Beards do it. And by the beard of Zeus they do it well.

Naturally, if you’re a band called the Beards – you’re going to sing songs about ‘beards’ – therefore; ‘I’m In The Mood For Beards‘, ‘You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man‘, ‘Shaved Off His Beard‘ make an appearance on an extensive set-list tonight. A stirring rendition of ‘Got Me A Beard‘ sees the bearded crowd combining to a unison of song – an image that will no doubt stay with many in attendance tonight.

A short, bearded awards ceremony for ‘best and worst beard‘ breaks up the evening – with a bearded sailor [affectionately known as ‘Beardy’] being treated in an almost god-like way – with the audience screaming, yelling, clapping and whistling to the chant of ‘Beardy! Beardy! Beardy!’

Undoubtedly, [much like the Snowdroppers] tonight for the Beards is a fair indication of how far the band have come in the last 12 months. Their shows are selling out across the country. Their bearded message is spreading – and it is all justly deserved. This is one of a few bands that will see you with a smile on your face from beginning to end.

Long live the Beards in all their bearded glory!


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