Reviewed by Henry Raby

If you don’t like your music crudely angry, stay clear of Hated Til Proven.  Not just because lyrically they stamp their opinions bluntly into each album like a Doc Martin stomp, but also because their music is a knife-sharp street punk sound peppered with raw ska akin to The Unseen, A Global Threat or The Virus not fit for the ears of music-fans with more delicate tastes.

There’s no insight into the political landscape, each track can be backed by an unyielding and basic street-level opinion in the Oi! tradition.  The lyrics are far from poetic, and never put together a cohesive argument to change minds or offer up debate.  That said, it’s clearly not Hated Till Proven’s aim.

They choose direct targets and, like anarchists with bricks, tear apart each one with a fury of aggressive street punk screaming vocals and sharp ska tones. The right-wing (Fuck The EDL), war (1945, Soldier Song and Going To War), police (Black Bloc and PIMW), the media (Media Control) all have a specific songs, almost as if they drew up a list of who they hate and began to tear each one apart limb by limb.

If I played this album to someone who isn’t into left-wing politics, would this be a revelation?  Probably not.  But this album wasn’t made for them.  It’s made by a band fuelled by raw aggression for punk fans who like their punk direct and to-the-point.  Songs For The Short Of Attention is pretty much that, a collection of songs for people who like their music as blunt aggressive as a an unapologetic landslide.


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