Sydney blues and rock band, The Snowdroppers, will release the depraved music video to their new single White Dress on 31st October 2012. White Dress is the first single from the upcoming album Moving Out of Eden, which is set for release in early 2013.

Fitting in with the Halloween theme, the video is heavily inspired by cult schlock-horror films such as Evil DeadThe Re-Animator and The Shining, the White Dress music video sees the band play morbid versions of themselves, as their alter-egos raid grave years, dig up body parts and perversely assemble a beautiful but decrepit corpse bride, played by Nikki Collins.

Writer and director Josh Groom said, “We wanted parts of the video to have that sinister gritty, grainy look that is often used in 1980s B-grade splatter flicks. To do so, we shot on a Canon 5D mk3 and then degraded the footage by playing the finished edit onto a VHS tape and dubbing over itself numerous times. We’ve kept the live performance footage clean so as to really pop in contrast.”

Lead singer Johnny Wishbone said ‘It’s a love song of sorts. The story of a man pining for the love of a woman who’s far more “experienced” than he is. Timeless.’

The White Dress music video concludes with a zombie wedding ceremony where lead singer Johnny Wishbone plays the groom awaiting the resurrected corpse bride lurching down the aisle with the assistance of an overhead rope pulley system.

Groom said, “We’ve used traditional horror props such as bucket-loads of fake blood and gruesome make-up and special effects, however an iconic horror flick isn’t complete without a spine-chilling twist at the end. Without spoiling the surprise, I encourage everyone to watch the final freaky scene.”


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