UnConvention Brisbane returns for 2012 November 24 and 25, spearheaded by a Unconventional team of industry professionals and featuring some of Australia’s most influential, inspiring, unique and different minds and personalities in Music. This ain’t your garden variety Music Conference – this is UnConvention – where the motto isn’t Do it Yourself, it’s Do it Together!

The focus of this year’s UnConvention Conference is on releasing music – from concept to production to product to marketing to media. In other words, UnConvention will try to find the answer to the indie musician’s eternal struggle – Do it yourself in the bedroom, do it on the cheap with a mate’s half a recording rig and borrowed gear, or pay someone else loads of money to do it. Which method is better and will any of them really get you played on radio, snag that manager’s attention or get added to that festival lineup?

Five sessions will take place at The Edge over the two days:

John Kenny – The  eyes are the whores of the senses – This panel will discuss the linking of design with music, the importance of design and music integration and how to encourage cross pollination.

Ben Preece & Stephen Green  – Getting that song across the line – This panel takes you through the life of an average band as they make their way from the garage through agents, managers, labels and radio stations on their path to success. Get insights into each step as we delve into how the industry works when the doors are closed and have a few laughs along the way.

John Wilsteed – DIY Nostalgia – Are we aware of the traditions that lie behind our music? Is shuffle culture destroying songlines, the threads that we use to trace stories and ideas back through history?

Edward Guglielmino – “What I learnt in my first year of Music Business” – Artists, Managers, Producers, Radio DJs and more make up this panel and will discuss the trials and tribulations experienced in their first year of tackling the multi-faceted Australian Music Industry

Cameron Smith – Recording: Not just a production line – The recording artists and producers from the weekend’s creations regroup to discuss and dissect the recording process and the results.

Over the course of the weekend and running in parallel to the conference sessions, the production cycle on a variety of levels will be explored. Three songs from three different artists will be created on three different budgets – a “bedroom” recording, a small/portable studio recording and a full-scale, large studio recording (QUT’s Gasworks Studio). The progress of the songs will be noted and discussed over the weekend’s proceeedings and the final products dissected and discussed in the final panel, moderated by Cam Smith.

There will also be numerous addtional workshops that conference-goers can choose to attend, covering styling, press kit and bio development and more.

Each day of the conference will run from 12 midday to 7PM, with a party on Saturday night at a secret location nearby to The Edge. The party will feature exciting and unique performers (to be announced) to follow immediately after the day’s workshops. A final afterparty will take place at The End on the Sunday evening after the day’s proceedings, in the “do it together” spirit.

UnConvention will happen in 2012 thanks to the donations by Pozible pledges and wonderful industry partnerships with Starving Kids Records, QMusic, oztix, The Edge and QUT.

Tickets to UnConvention Brisbane 2012 are on sale now. Tickets are $35 from OzTix and includes lunch on both days.  Participants can also choose to attend additional workshops for an extra $10 (though spaces are limited) and the party for an extra $10 entry.

For more information, head to:


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