Reviewed by Adam Smith

Acoustic pop is a truly polarising genre that often delivers results varying from spine-chilling, ethereal sounds to cringe-worthy noises.

Sirens & Shelter manage could fall into either of the aforementioned categories, as The Midnight Arrangement is a musical potion comprised of saccharine melodies and predictable “boy-meets-girl” lyrics, plunging listeners into blissful summery imagery or a state of utter irritation, depending on their personal tastes.

Fans of Dashboard Confessional will be impressed by The Deep End, which combines blissful guitar work with an anthemic chorus, something that is often missing on the release’s other tracks. This is evidenced in ‘Socially Awkward’, which only serves as a ponderous effort that fails to captivate listeners.

Artist In A Civil War’ attempts the narrative-led approach that Conor Oberst has mastered, but it lacks the tormented charm of the Bright Eyes man, leaving a passable yet forgettable offering.

Most notable of the tracks on offer is ‘Two Left Feet’, a tremendous slice of indie-pop that is certain to get feet tapping in venues across the UK.

Acoustic bands have risen to the forefront of the public conscience in recent years and, while there is proof of undeniable promise here, it’s clear that Sirens & Shelter’s best days are ahead of them.



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