Reviewed by Meghan Player

Every so often, you’ll arrive at a venue to see a local or international act, and even before they take the stage – you know that something special is in store. Tonight, as I make my way into the Entertainment Centre, there is an awed buzz in the air suggesting that tonight could well be one of those nights.

Instantly, the crowd is bewitched by the stage set-up for Mumford & Sons. Strings of lights dot the stage, invoking a carnival/gypsy-esque vibe – or as the tour is affectionately called – ‘Gentlemen of the Road‘.

As the lights dim, and the first strings of ‘Lover’s Eyes‘ ring out over the venue, the roar of the capacity crowd is overwhelming. This is the beginning of something special.

Roll Away Your Stone‘ brings the audience into full swing of tonight’s set, and by the time ‘Winter Winds‘ begins [albeit the third song in], the crowd is well and truly hanging on every word Marcus Mumford sings.

Obligatory inclusions of ‘Little Lion Man‘ and single, ‘I Will Wait‘ whip the crowd into a frenzy of clapping, jumping, stamping and singing – while the gorgeous and enchanting melodies of ‘White Blank Page‘ and ‘Ghosts That We Knew‘ lull the audience into an awed state of wonder. Covers of ‘The Boxer‘ [Simon & Garfunkel] and finale ‘The Chain‘ [Fleetwood Mac] only breathe extra life into a flawless setlist and performance.

Overall, tonight once again has proved the incredible effect that Mumford & Sons have had on music and the music community generally. Their folk/rock sound has managed to find an enviable place in an ever-changing industry, and it is justly deserved. Their performance is engaging, artistic, emotional, heartfelt, intimate and above all entertaining. This is what Mumford & Sons can do, and bloody hell, they can do it well.


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