Reviewed by Emma Dean

Melbourne alternative rockers Twelve Foot Ninja have created a delightful cacophony of rock, metal, reggae, swing and nearly everything in between, each track something new and truly original with their debut offering ‘Silent Machine’.

As a teaser for fans, the band introduced ‘Project 12’ in August, and has been releasing a track and a comic book based around each song once a week until the album hits shelves. Title track ‘Silent Machine’ was the first to be released, bringing a unique visual to the track.

‘Coming For You’ screams into existence, a twist of heavy riffs, synths and swing. ‘Kingdom’ follows suit, tossing wooden and mechanical vocals into the mix. Next up is first single ‘Mother Sky’, its melody soft and haunting before breaking into crunching guitars and reggae-like vocals.

‘Shuriken’ takes the pace down a notch, but amps up the atmosphere. ‘Vanguard’ is the perfect collaboration of reggae and heavy rock.

‘Liberation’ is full of soul and angst, and title track ‘Silent Machine’ follows suit, telling the tale of the creation of the Twelve Foot Ninja who will save the world.

‘Ain’t That A Bitch’ is almost a lounge ditty, jaunty piano and upbeat drum beats to starkly contrast the down and out lyrics.

All in all ‘Silent Machine’ is an eclectic twist of genres. Twelve Foot Ninja have been building to this since their inception in 2008 and it is worth every single second – ‘Silent Machine’ is definitely the debut album that you’ve been waiting for.


‘Silent Machine’ is out November 2.


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