Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what?
We are a new band from Leeds, UK. The band features Dominic Deane (drums/organ) and Matthew Carrington (guitar/samples). Deane and Carrington have both been involved within the DIY underground scene in the UK for the past ten years.

Describe your sound and lyric style
We play a hypnotic mix of ambient/instrumental music…there’s also strong stoner rock and post-rock influences at play in our  sound.

Who are your main influences? What else inspires you?
We take influence from the following: Sleep, Tim Hecker, Fall of Efrafa, The Sword and Red Sparowes.

What are you working on now?
We recently recorded our debut album ‘Beyond the Sun’ with Ross Halden (Wild Beasts, Rolo Tomassi) at Ghost Town Studio in Leeds, UK. The record was mastered by acclaimed mastering engineer Mell Dettmer (Sunn O))), Earth, Sleep, Boris) at Aleph Studio in Seattle, USA. The production team has harnessed our sound in such organic fashion that has enabled each track on the record to ebb and flow in perfect unison.

Are you touring now? When/where?

Saturday 13th – Wharf Chambers, Leeds. UK
Thursday 18th – Fenton, Leeds. UK
Thursday 25th – The Washington, Sheffield. UK
Saturday 27th – TBC, Antwerp. BE
Sunday 28th – Kinky Star, Ghent. BE
Monday 29th – TBC, Brussels. BE

Saturday 10th – MK Gallery, Milton Keynes. UK
Thursday 15th – TBC, Manchester. UK

What can people expect at your live gigs?
Sunwølf gigs are a hypnotic experience…the band’s stark visuals and sounds leave the audience in a dream-like state.

Where can people check out your music?

You can stream the ‘Beyond the Sun’ here: www.sunwolfuk.bandcamp.com


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