Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s been three long years since the 69 Eyes offered their fans the vampiric, Back In Blood – a concept album based around, you guessed it, vampires. While the band have retained their ‘Helsinki Vampire’ reputation for the best part of the last 20+ years, the band have once again returned in stellar form with their new album, ‘X‘.

While the album title is enough to stir intrigue, it’s what happens after the first notes of album that invokes the greatest emotion. The 69 Eyes are back, and it’s not what you expected.

The striking, ‘goth n roll’ signature remains the core driver behind the bands sound – however, what transpires as the song – and indeed the album – continues, is noticeably different to what the band have done in the past. The sound is cleaner, the vocals more dramatic, the effect and emotion – heartbreaking.

Tracks such as ‘Borderline‘, ‘If You Love Me The Morning After‘ and single, ‘Red‘ invoke the greatest response from the listener – sending you into a world of wonderful, dark and brooding noise that hits you harder then anything the band have offered previously. The emotive lyrics throughout are overwhelmingly deeper and darker than previous albums, and seem to cast a new ‘dark light’ over the band.

Undoubtedly, this could be one of the best 69 Eyes albums to date. The sound and style show a band that has developed and evolved naturally over the last 20 years, edging closer and closer to a moment when everything falls perfectly into place. The only question that remains is: what can they do next?


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