Reviewed by Adam Smith

Pop-punk is one of the world’s most ambiguous genres, with the definition varying widely depending on who you speak to.
Some staunchly proclaim that The Ramones are the archetypal pop-punk band, although no one bats an eyelid when All Time Low are classified within the same musical spectrum.  In truth, the genre’s characteristics have evolved over time, taking influence from modern trends.

Liar, Liar certainly share more in common than All Time Low than The Ramones, as their sound carries a saccharine motif, prioritising hooks and choruses over speed.

Heart Attack” opens the E.P, overdosing the listener with sugar-sweet melodies that will make punk purists wince. Liar, Liar’s sound certainly boasts a number of pop sensibilities and the first track is undoubtedly geared towards the You Me At Six crowd and fails to inspire on first inspection.

High N’ Low”, on the other hand, is catchier than flu and packs more of a punch than its preceding track, but the vocals may not cater for everyone’s tastes, as they make Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory sound like a hardcore bruiser.

Unfortunately, “People Never Change” is a categorically drab effort, failing to continue the momentum of “High ‘n Low”. Its chorus doesn’t engrain itself into the head of the listener, rendering the song easily forgettable.

It appears that Liar, Liar save their best for last, with “It Doesn’t Take A Hero” bursting into action with a glorious riff that is followed by 3 minutes of pop-punk that All Time Low or Mayday Parade would be proud to call their own.

There are some moments of promise here and, after some adjustments, it would not be surprising to see Liar, Liar reach the level of Futures or Don Broco.



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