Reviewed by Meghan Player

The year is 2003. I’m 15 years old and in High School. A band named Yellowcard suddenly bursts onto the airwaves with a track called ‘Ocean Avenue‘. Citing lyrics like “we could leave this town and run forever” – the track instantly grabbed the attention of my generations hearts and minds. This was a band we could call our own.

Nearly a decade later, I’m standing in front of the band that became a voice for today’s youth.

Even before the band take the stage, the crowd have already started chanting ‘Yellowcard, Yellowcard” at a deafening level. If this is how the night is going to start, my expectations are already quite high – and thankfully, the band do not disappoint.

Hitting the stage running, the band throw themselves from one side to the other – threatening to spontaneously combust before the first song is over. To my surprise, this energy and enthusiasm stays with the band the whole night – constantly feeding off the same level of passion the crowd has tonight.

Comprising a set list that touches on different parts of their career – the band wow the crowd with flawless renditions of “For You And Your Denial“, “Rough Landing Holly“, “Lights and Sounds“, “Five Becomes Four” and a heart wrenching crowd sing-a-long of “Sing For Me“.

The extensive set-list tonight is topped off however by the final song during the encore – “Ocean Avenue“. As the opening bars of the song ring out over the venue, the crowd – already in danger of losing their hearing and voices – scream the lyrics with such ferocity that the room feels like it might explode. This is Yellowcard at their finest hour.

Overall, tonight was as much about teenage nostalgia as it was about seeing the band connect with a whole new generation of fans. While most fans in attendance tonight may not be able to remember the impact the band had in early 2000, the fact that the band are still able to provide anthems for new music fans is testament to their music and attitude.

Well done Yellowcard – my hat goes off to you.


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