Bursting with punk rock ethos yet channeling the classic songwriting of ’68, The Delta Riggs are a band of the people – who unify strangers through their brand of high-energy rock & roll. We caught up with the boys to talk Bigsound, Subway metaphors & being on the road.

By Emma Dean

How did you all meet?

It all started when we were young lads, bright eyed and naïve hanging out at all the cool parks and recreational hot spots. We used to ride around on our skateboards trying to master our tricks.

There was a group of older boys who we looked up to because of the fuck the world attitude they emanated and their edgy attire. We hadn’t seen anything like it. We were completely enamored with their look and gang like unity. Each member of their group brought something unique to the table while adding to the aura of the overall group.

They were simply known as ‘The Druggy Boys’.

None of them cared about rules or school and so we modeled ourselves off them, working day and night for years and years on the formula until we got it just right and became what you know us as today, ‘The Delta Riggs’.

When did you start writing music together? What are your main influences when writing?

We all vibe of each other a lot when it comes to writing – everyone has an angle and it’s about muscling your own point of view in there. It’s a competitive environment with a positive aspect to it. We try to do everything in service to the music.

It’s been an eventful year for you– what have been the highlights and the lowlights? 

Highlight – The year isn’t over yet, don’t want to peak to early man.

Lowlight – First 10 minutes of our set at Gumball Festival – Newcastle.

I’ve heard some interesting stories about your time recording Talupo Mountain Music Volumes I & II – what can you tell us about it?

Nothing, keep those stories to yourself too.

Why the decision to split the EP’s? What were your main influences writing the record?

For lack of a better metaphor, it’s like when you get a foot long sandwich at Subway and you eat one half and save the other for later. Except you switched up your order and you got something different on the second half – not better, just different. So when you compare each 6-inch on both of its merits chances are you are equally impressed by the ingredients on both. It’s imperative to eat fresh and have options so we decided to nourish people with two different sonic meals. Eat up and reap the benefits.

The material had a lot to do with being at the actual Talupo house where we spent a good six months loving/hating each other/reality.

How was touring with The Jim Jones Revue? Who else would you love to tour/work with? How was the tour with Stonefield a few months ago?

The group was cool and they had some great songs, they played really hard and loud both nights and it was great to watch. I enjoy a band that keeps their jackets on during their set for as long as possible for no reason other than it makes them look tough.

Stonefield were a joy to tour with, the girls and their crew, especially their wonderful mother, were a bloody pleasure to hang out with. They were so consistent every night and can shred the shit out of their instruments. Little Holly is the real deal and they all just go for it every night and then come out and mingle with their super fans straight after the set for hours.

As far as bands go that we would like to tour with, I’m not really fazed either way. We have always done our thing and we are happy to share it with people on the same page.

We are in the process of locking down a producer for our record, so whoever that may be I’m going to say we would love to work with them.

What are you hoping to get out of Bigsound? Who are you looking forward to seeing perform/talk the most?

There are a lot of legitimately good groups playing this year, I couldn’t choose. There’s a few of our friends playing too so it’s going to be great to catch up and see them jam out. As far as speakers go, we are looking forward to seeing Jai Al-Attas. He is probably the most innovative guy on the planet right now; I don’t think there is anyone more innovative with a real passion for what they do out there.

For someone who hasn’t seen you live, how would you describe a Delta Riggs show? 

A lot of bands answer this question with big flowery sentiments that actually have nothing to do with what they do, and then you have the bands that phone it in with a stock standard response.

However, The Delta Riggs are an unpredictable Romanian Cyber-Punk freight train of apocalyptic white noise forged in a sea of a thousand tears that just has to be witnessed!!!!!!!

You’ve got a couple of gigs coming up in Sydney with Money for Rope – how are they to tour with?

They are huge legends who care a lot about what they do, they have some great tunes and they’re so good you actually stand out the front and watch them instead of being backstage getting paneled and offering a ‘good set man’ after the show. Special mention goes out to Cini, the world’s angriest and most handsome bass player.

What are some awesome up and coming bands you’d like to give a shout out to?

The Pretty Littles, Fraser A. Gorman, hounds.hounds.hounds and our favorite new punk band – Anus Penis.

Finally, what’s next for the Delta Riggs?

We are currently prepping for an album that will, with everything taken into consideration take a pretty good snapshot of what we are trying to get across.


You can check out the Delta Riggs at BigSound 2012 – or keep up-to-date with tours, music and news at:

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