Danish-American psychobilly kings (and queen) Nekromantix have been rocking and rolling in their graves for nearly a quarter of a century and are showing no signs of slowing down. We caught up with singer/Coffinbass extraordinaire Kim Nekroman to talk about their upcoming Australian tour.

By Emma Dean

It’s been just over a year since What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell came out – what have you been up to since then? Have you been writing anything new?

We’ve been touring, touring and touring, promoting the new album. We are always writing new stuff when we are on the road, in the tour bus or during sound checks.

What are you looking forward to the most about returning to Australia?

It’s always great to tour Australia…I don’t know if there is anything in particular that I am looking forward to other than Australians are great people with a great sense of humour and especially sarcasm, which is something I kinda miss in the US.

What can audiences expect at a Nekromantix gig?

As always they can expect an energetic rock’n’roll show…nothing fancy, no pyrotechnics, no dancing bears just plain old sweaty rock.

How have newest members Franc & Lux brought their influences to Nekromantix?

They have mostly brought new motivation…fresh blood as in a blood transfusion and new meat as in zombie bait.

Mortality obviously plays a big theme in your music – do you find it challenging to continue using it as your main influence?

Not at all… Mortality is the probably the most important and interesting thing about life, so the subject is bottomless.

What did you listen to growing up? How has that shaped your music today? What bands do you draw inspiration from now?

50’s Rockabilly, Surf and Punk Rock. All that mixed with 80’s new wave is to this day my inspiration. No particular bands but rather genres are where I draw my inspiration from.

Nekromantix has been in existence for 23 years! When you started did you ever dream it would have lasted this long?

No I had no idea… but very fortunate that we have been able to roll this long.

How has the psychobilly/rock scene changed since you began? Do you think the genre is becoming more mainstream now?

Other than seeing the scene move around geographically it really haven’t changed that much. It is way bigger now and I blame that on the internet. No way is the psychobilly genre getting even close to mainstream.

How has it been working with Hellcat Records?

It’s been great…a label that lets you do exactly how you wanna do your stuff without any interference is the perfect label.

You were originally a radio operator in the Danish navy – what lead to the drastic career change?

I’ve worked many different jobs in my life from radio operator in a submarine to tattoo artist. I like to branch out and that has kept my life exciting and interesting.

How many coffin bass have you gone through since the beginning?

I’ve built a total of 8 coffin basses, different coffin bass for different occasion.

What’s a good up and coming band you’d like to give a shout out to?

I’m sad to say that I haven’t really heard any exciting new bands lately.

What’s next for Nekromantix?

We are probably gonna tour some more and eventually hit the studio for another album, and tour Australia in October of course!


You can catch Nekromantix on their upcoming Australian tour:

Tuesday October 2 – The Rosemount, Perth
Tickets available from

Thursday October 4 – Hifi, Brisbane
Tickets available from

Friday October 5 – Hifi, Sydney
Tickets available from

Saturday October 6 – Hifi, Melbourne
Tickets available from


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