Bertie Page Clinic – French Tickler

Reviewed by Meghan Player

If you like rock and roll debauchery, with a splash of burlesque and a tongue-in-cheek attitude – you will most likely want to get your hands on a copy of Bertie Page Clinic‘s latest album, French Tickler.

The album begins with ‘Headsucker‘ – a 30 second whimsical, mysterious, scene setting introduction that stirs your sense of intrigue. It’s this brief encounter that pushes you further into the albums embrace. Following track ‘Rock & Roll Is My Business‘ immediately grabs the listener’s attention – with the powerful roar of Bertie Page’s vocals drumming up images of rock powerhouses such as Shirley Manson. It’s these killer vocals, mixed with the tight-as-hell melodies that keep you listening and wanting more.

My Sister’s Friend’s Cousin from Woodridge‘ takes you completely by surprise – offering tongue-in-cheek lyricism and delivery that is as much infectious as it is delightful. Once again, it’s Page’s vocal delivery that is the biggest highlight of the track – ranging from operatic to a punk sneer.

Head On‘ provides a simple, quick interlude before ‘Ready To Punch Your Face‘ enters the frame with its sleazy, distorted, rock and roll sound – just the way it was meant to be played.

Eye Of The Dawn‘ proves a powerful, albeit sinister ballad – whilst album closer, a punchy rock/punk version of ‘Alouette‘ rounds out this experimental, yet wholly enjoyable album.

Overall, this is a strong little album from the Brisbane four-piece, and with an upcoming European tour only mere days away, there is no better time to sit down, dim the lights, take the phone off the hook and get yourself acquainted with this band.


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