After a year when guitars all but vanished from prime time radio sets, there’s a need for a band with brains, brawn & balls to take 2012 & smash it into a brave new frontier of indie rock ‘n’ roll. All The Young are that band. Tipped for a major success by NME and XFM, they have recently supported Morrissey, The Courteneers & The Wombats and have a summerful of festivals ahead of them. Before heading out to Australia for the first time – we chatted to frontman Ryan Dooley about BigSound, touring with King Cannons and free downloads.

By Mark Plummer

This is your first time heading to Australia, what are you looking forward to most about being in Australia?

Where do we start? It’s the other side of the planet and it’s top of most people’s bucket lists for a holiday never mind a tour! I guess we wanna meet as many folk as possible and experience Australia to the maximum. I really couldn’t put my finger on one thing. We are walking around with open arms.

Big Sound is in its eleventh year and has established itself as an event very relevant to the music industry. What was it that attracted you to playing Big Sound?

I really like urban festivals like South by South West and The Great Escape (UK). It’s a great chance for up and coming bands to get over to Australia and get seen as there are so many venues/pubs/clubs with shows on. It’s a huge opportunity for us, so it was a no brainer for us to apply and hope that BigSound liked us and invited us to play. Luckily they did!

Welcome Home‘ was released earlier this year, your first full length release. What was the inspiration for the album and how has it helped to shape you as a band since it’s release?

Welcome Home has been a long time coming for all 4 of us. It’s about breaking out of our home town, but respecting our roots. Since its release we have travelled the globe so the view from our window has changed so much since its release. That was always our intention.

Is there any city that you can’t wait to play on your tour with King Cannons?

Again, where do I start?! We start off in the Melbourne/Victoria area and then move to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. We go to Byron Bay and the coast for the last 3 shows and I have heard so much about that area.

I have friends whose lives have changed over there, so bring it on!

You feature a few free downloads of live content on your website. Do you find that offering free content helps the image of the band in pushing for legitimate sales of your own music?

Yes, especially live stuff. We’re a strong live unit and we think it’s as important for people to hear our live shows as it as our actual album. Maybe even more. That was the main reason behind it.

Have you got any plans for a UK tour once you’ve finished your stint in Australia?

Yes. We will hit the UK for winter again. The demand has grown a lot for us which means we can stay busy and give people the gigs they crave. We just want shows, shows, shows!

What does the near future hold for All The Young – are there any goals of where you’d like to see the band go over the next year?

I’m looking forward to making album number 2 –  a lot. We really want to be a band that is remembered for its back catalogue. A band that did it right and never forget who they were. We want to do 5,6….10 albums. The kind of band that isn’t seen enough of these days. A proper unit.

What are you hoping new fans will take away from seeing you for the first time?

We hope they see our intent. We wanna make records and play shows that matter – that make sense of life but also respect it’s mystery. We’re a proper rock n’roll band and we ain’t going anywhere. We want everyone on board!

How has the last few months felt with the release of your debut full length album and then the tour of Australia with King Cannons?

It’s been 100mph. Everything we could have asked for. The current scene ain’t exactly our bag, but we have seen ours and taken it. People are responding all over the world and it feels great.

Have you learnt anything from the processes involved in making a full length release, is there anything that you would like to do differently next time?

Of course. I’d like to maybe record the next offering at home in the UK as we travelled to Vancouver for Welcome Home. I think the surrounding is a big part of an LP and it would be nice to bring it home for at least one album. Who knows though? It’s a funny old game.


All The Young play at BIGSOUND Live 2012!  With 120 killer bands on 12 stages taking place over two nights in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, the festival has become one of the most widely varied and highly regarded festivals in Australia.  Tickets are available through oztix ( ) for $45+booking fee (one night) or $69+booking fee (both nights).

You can keep up-to-date with all the latest touring info at:


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