REVIEW: WET NUNS – “Why You So Cold?” [Single]

Reviewed by Paul Fellowes

With influences like women, whiskey and death – you wouldn’t quite expect the upbeat, but solemn soar of noise that Wet Nuns manage with their new single, Why You So Cold?

In essence, it is clear that Wet Nuns have created a bluesy/rock experience for their listeners – and from their previous single, Throttle,  – you can even begin to patch together that the music they must enjoy in their spare time falls in between the likes of The Civil Wars and Motörhead.

Why You So Cold?, to say the least, has an incredible presence and craves attention.  And this is exactly what it receives. And deserves.

It’s hard to fault the musicality behind the track, as the band have clearly gauged the genre they want to sound like – this time seemingly western blues –  and even as a two-man band, the ferocity and individuality of it all is beyond comparison.

Though you may not have heard of them before, after a listen, you’re sure to be hooked  – even if it’s just for their undeniable presence.


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