REVIEW: GOROD – “A Perfect Absolution”

By Leo Kindred

The main thing about Gorod, other than being French, is they’re really good at guitar. They’re very good at guitar, play very fast, and they want to make sure you know. Let’s be open about this, A Perfect Absolution is VERY masturbatory on the fretboard.

So what sets Gorod apart from say, Spawn of Possession, Origin or Necrophagist; other bands who have fast, widdly noodling riffs, blast beats, and a singer who grunts and growls like a baboon in musk? No.

No, the actual, and far more surreal, question you should be posing is this: How do you like to wank? For A Perfect Absolution is wanking, not maybe of the gentle and kind…kind, but the variation on show in the riffs, leads and runs, whilst brutal at times, is simultaneously OH! SO damn good-looking!

Do you like it fast? Well sure, we all do. At points. But you may enjoy to vary your technique, to be kind as well as cruel.

If you’re more for the brutal-as-fuck, wank until you bleed approach of a lot of technical death metal bands then this may not be for you.

Here are eight tracks of nearly flawless, weaving and dexterous musicianship, with an almost uncanny feel for dynamics and variations. There’s even sort of samba/jazz bits. Tech-death, but not as we know it. Classy.

If you didn’t like the direction they took on the last album, well you’re not going to enjoy this.

Love that record? This one’s gloriously more of the same, except better.

Reverse back and these brutal frogs were doing nothing too different from a lot of usual fare bands. I mean, we all like to have tracks come on our mp3 player entitled ‘Pig’s Bloated Face’, but…I mean…what HAPPENED to Gorod?

A Perfect Absolution is heavy, no doubt, But it’s such a gorgeous flight of fancy, with warm melodies, grooves of steel, and the uncanny shredding compositional work of proper virtuosos, that it sounds like…well, like if Obscura weren’t dull.

You listen to some of the shiningly blistering passages on display, ‘Sail Into The Earth‘, ‘Axe Of God‘ or ‘Carved In The Wind‘, and you’re not just bashing your head against things but waving your hands in the air like a nutty spiritualist at the weekly meet-up at their lodge.

This is smart. This is brilliant. This is wanking at its finest.


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