Reviewed by Meghan Player

16 songs. 16 minutes. While it may sound slightly ridiculous, it’s more than enough time for Los Angeles punks OFF! to prove once again that punk is definitely not dead.

Following on the back of their previous EP offerings, this latest self-titled release picks up exactly where they left off – with OFF!’s signature no bullshit, straight-to-the-point punk rock shining through. This album is the real deal. And it’s glorious.

Blasting into an adrenalin rush from the opening frenzy of ‘Wiped Out‘ – the album runs through in blistering speed, barely pausing for breath before the next track sweeps in and knocks you to the ground. ‘Cracked’, ‘Borrow and Bomb‘ and ‘Jet Black Girls‘ whir through your speakers, urging you to throw your fists in the air and start a fight circle – even if you are just sitting in your lounge room by yourself.

The raw, in-your-face energy of each ensuing track is ridiculously brilliant – warranting second, third, fourth, hell even ten listens before your neighbours start to protest that you’ve been listening to the same song for the last two and half hours.

Undoubtedly, OFF! have done it again – delivering a familiar, yet refreshingly new album that is up there with the best punk albums on offer this year. Do yourself a favour. Buy this album.


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