REVIEW: STEEL TREES – “Deathbed Headsmash” [Single]

Steel Trees – Deathbed Headsmash [Single]

Reviewed by Bec Hennessy

UK three-piece Steel Trees aptly titled ‘Deathbed HeadSmash’ lives up to its name. Clocking in at 2:18 it doesn’t let you linger in your death throes. But it’s enough time for your sick soul to spew forth and vent its spleen in wordless rage before leaving in a splash of cymbals.
What begins with a Love Buzz-esque riff and droning vocals gives way to almost wordless screams, a thundering bass line and crunchy guitars. The frontman moans about souls, broken dreams and death then descends into exorcistic abandon. The remainder of the track is howled vocals over some heavy grunge guitar fuzz. Even the guitar solo rides the echoes of his formidable wail.
Did I say that like it’s a bad thing? Well it’s not. It works. Steel Trees are the bastard zombie children of punk rock and grunge. I could see their live show living up to the promise of this mayhem. As the first offering from their debut ‘Attack Of The Stoner Zombie Killer Kid’ I’d like to see where they take this.

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