By Meghan Player

With Splendour in the Grass finished for another year, the last of the sideshows for 2012 are starting to wrap up – and tonight, for myself, the Smashing Pumpkins would be the perfect ending to a whirlwind of a festival.

Arriving to a near sold-out crowd at the soon-to-be shut Entertainment Centre, the spread of generations is noticeable. From those born well after the Pumpkins hit the scene in the early 90s, to those that had been old enough to remember when it all began.

Undoubtedly, the band itself are well aware of the shift and change in their audience over the last 20 years – opting to take quite a risk with playing their latest album Oceania – in it’s epic entirety.

Personally speaking, the risk paid off – with Corgan’s signature vocals weaving delicate, melodic poetry around the venue. Tonight, the audience was transported to another world [almost], beautifully accompanied by a spectacular art/light display.

This awe-inspiring sight gave personality and perspective to the recently released album – and breathed new life into the heavier, grungier, classic Pumpkins songs [‘Cherub Rock’, ‘Zero’, ‘Disarm’, ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’]

The sensory overload hit wonderfully hard, when the stirring strings of ‘Tonight, Tonight’ echoed across the audience. Whether it was the spectacular lights, the crowd singing along as one, or the stirring/emotive images projected across the screen – something special happened in that moment, that will stay with – not only myself – but fellow fans tonight.

Undoubtedly, tonight proved that despite lineup, style and technique changes – the Smashing Pumpkins don’t do anything by halves. The grandiose element that has dotted their career, has managed to stand the test of time, undeniably accomplished due to frontman Billy Corgan’s dedication to his craft.

And for that, I thank him.


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