Danish American psychobilly horror legends Nekromantix return to our shores this October for their 2012 Australian tour.

Led by misfit rock ‘n’ roll rebel Kim Nekroman, Nekromantix have forged their own unique image and identity in the world of modern punk rock. The trio including guitarist Franc and the band’s first female drummer Lux, inhabit a world of the undead, a place where the decaying roots of early rock ‘n’ roll provide the skeleton for a musical monster that spews forth reverb-drenched punk rock bile, bone chilling riffs and a level of energy and intensity that can only be described as dangerous.

The story of Nekromantix began way back in 1989 when Kim Nekroman founded the band after an 8 year stint as a submariner in the Royal Danish Navy.  After only two local gigs the newly minted outfit appeared on a major festival in Hamburg which resulted in a record deal and the release of the band’s first LP Hellbound.  While the psychobilly scene at the time was mainly dominated by British acts, fans across the world welcomed the new and exciting style that was to become Nekromantix trademark.

Eight full-length albums later Nekromantix have risen as preeminent purveyors of a powerful and haunting psychobilly sound which features an intoxicating mix of anthemic punk and seductive, twang- laden rockabilly. Their latest record What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell – out now on Hellcat Records – offers up frantic energetic romps like lead off track Bats In My Pants, the riotous revelry moves along with the ominous anthem Sleepwalker With A Gun followed by a tribute to the immortal Hollywood horror legend with Bela Lugosi’s Star.

Nekromantix – What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell – is out now on Hellcat Records



Australia 2012


Oct 2 – The Rosemount, Perth

Oct 4 – Hifi, Brisbane

Oct 5 – Hifi, Sydney

Oct 6 – Hifi, Melbourne

Tix On Sale Thursday 2nd August


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