Atoms. – Self Titled EP

Reviewed  by Mark Plummer
The debut EP from five-piece alternative, post-rock group Atoms. is everything that the band have to say about themselves and a little bit more.  The guitar tracks are wonderfully layered giving a great sense of texture and deepness, the strings fit in perfectly with the genre they’re trying to get across and there is certainly a mix of electronic elements that show off a more industrial vibe amongst influences ranging from Coldplay through to Radiohead.
The tracks themselves have been constructed well and certainly beg for a bigger audience and venue that would represent just how huge the songs could be.  Whilst this is a great collection of tracks, question has to be raised as to whether starter, Fits and Starts, is an appropriate opener.  This instrumental track (other than a few very distant vocals towards the end) seems to cheat the listener out of a song containing that little bit more.  Instrumental opening and closing tracks work great on an album as fillers, adding a bit more ambience and variety.  But on a four track EP, to realize that there are only three proper tracks, it’s certainly a dampner.  That aside and this is a well written piece of work that deserves a chance, the addition of the piano here and there is a great touch.
Whilst it could be argued that it should take a more prominent stand in the mix, it’s not too overpowering and doesn’t take anything away from the songs themselves.  Vocally there is a lot of talent to be found and a vocalist with what could certainly be described as a broad range.  Whilst this is a band that sound nothing like Muse, the vocals are a reminder of the range that Matt Belamy executed in their earlier days, a low full sound then followed by sweeping high notes complete with vibrato.
What Atoms. have produced is a great little EP that, first track aside, is definitely worth a listen.  It may not exhibit originality just yet, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is a band that could easily grow into something bigger and certainly better given time and input.  For a first release, this is definitely a good step to be making.
3 out of 5

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