A couple of years ago, Yellowcard announced the end of their indefinite hiatus. One comeback album and numerous festival appearances later, the band are ready to release their latest offering, Southern Air. We had a quick chat to vocalist Ryan Key about the new album, their upcoming Australian tour and connecting with their fans.

By Meghan Player

– It didn’t seem that long ago that you returned from your hiatus and released ‘When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes‘ – now you’re soon to release ‘Southern Air‘ – you’ve definitely thrown yourselves back into being a touring/recording “active” band..
With three full length releases in less than two years (WYTTSY, WYTTSY Acoustic, and Southern Air), and 18 months of touring so far that has carried us to more than 30 countries, I think it is safe to say we are an active band again. 

– Are you looking forward to the release of ‘Southern Air‘?

I think I am more excited about this release than I have ever been for an album. 

– What can you tell us about the album? Did you approach making/writing this album differently to ‘WYTTSY’? 

This was one of the most inspired writing and recording sessions we have ever had. We really felt driven to make the best music we could. I think, what I love the most about it, is how each song is so different from the next, yet they all come together to create a cohesive idea. It is a very diverse yet focused album. 

– Did you find there was any pressure when you recorded ‘WYTTSY’? Was there any pressure now that you’re into your second album back from your hiatus?

There is always an element of pressure when making records. We, of course, want it to be something our fans will love, but also something we can be proud of and passionate about performing every night. 

– What are you hoping your fans take away from ‘Southern Air’?

I hope that they feel the same level of inspiration that we did while making it. 

– Yellowcard has certainly been one of those bands that have connected on a different level with fans – with your songs almost becoming a soundtrack to the big and small moments in my generations’ life – is that connection still important to the band? Does that connection bring the band and the fans closer together?

I think that is something about our music that we strive to recreate with every record. We are aware that our songs affect people in so many amazing ways, and it is important to us that we continue to make music that does that. 

– Are you still humbled/taken aback by how many fans out there have connected to your music? It must be an incredible feeling..

Right now, being on the Vans Warped Tour is the most incredible feeling. Looking out from the stage every day and realizing how many fans are still with us. We are not taking anything for granted this time around. 

– Undoubtedly, I’m sure you’re all looking forward to heading to Australia in September – what are you looking forward to most?

We haven’t done any headlining shows since 2007 so I think I am most excited about that. We are really looking forward to playing songs from Southern Air. With a headlining set we will have the chance to do that. 

– Will you be playing the new material as well as the old?

We try to cover everything. The more records we write, the harder creating a set list becomes. I guess the shows will just have to get longer!

– Finally, what’s next for Yellowcard?

When we left for Warped Tour, we hoped that we were beginning a year and a half of solid touring in support of Southern Air. So I hope that dream comes true.

Many thanks to Ryan for taking the time to chat to us. A special thank you also to Seam at We Are Unified/Hopeless Records.
You can catch Yellowcard on tour in September with Heroes for Hire:


With special guest HEROES FOR HIRE



Tickets on sale now


Tue 18 Sep      The Tivoli | Brisbane  (18+)



Thu 20 Sep      The Hi-Fi | Melbourne (18+)

w/ HEROES FOR HIRE and FOR OUR HERO | Ph: 1300 438 849


Fri 21 Sep        The Hi-Fi | Melbourne (18+) SOLD OUT!



Sat 22  Sep      UNSW Roundhouse | Sydney (All Ages)


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