Honor – Threshold

Reviewed by Emma Dean

We first spotted Honor at SXSW and it only took half a song to realise that we had stumbled onto something special. Following their self-titled debut, their second offering Threshold is a more than worthy follow up.

Threshold starts off with soft acoustic number ‘Where Will You Run’ that quickly turns into a twist of Theory of a Dead Man and My Chemical Romance in their Revenge days. The perfect introduction to the band and their  sound.

Time Bomb‘ kicks off the pace – the vocals rough and gritty with crunching, frenzied riffs. ‘Change‘ slows it down again, focusing on soft acoustics and vocals before speeding up the chorus with a handful of heavy guitar.

Vocalist Zach Sagrantz vocals are consistently aggressive yet melodic, slipping easily from a croon to a scream  in a heartbeat. And all is complimented perfectly by Jason Riggs on the guitar, Dominic DiGiovanni on the drums and Josh Sawyer on the bass.

From ‘Flow‘ to ‘Fade Away‘ and ‘Weight On Me‘ Threshold demonstrates the versatility of the band, a mixture of  down and dirty rock to soulful and contemplative.

Favourite track ‘Hands of Time‘ is a rollicking, bass-heavy track, the vocals aggressive and passionate, making  you want to head bang and pump your fist in the air.

These Chains‘ is the perfect end to the album, heavy, soaring and heartfelt – leaving a lasting impression with Sagrantz’s final scream.

All in all a cracking rock album that ticks all the boxes and leaves you wanting more. Keep an eye on these  guys, they will not disappoint!



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