THE ARACHNIDS are a four-piece rock band from Brisbane that wears their heart on their hips. More interested in having fun than being cool, their energy harks back to the irreverence that Brisbane bands Regurgitator/Custard brought to the fore in the nineties. We chatted to drummer Sam Oliver about the bands brand new EP, the influence of Regurgitator and superheroes.

By Meghan Player

First up – how long has the band been together and how did you all meet?

The band is in its third year of playing/writing/touring/shenanigans. Lachie and Sam are BFF’s since primary school. Po was found from a street press ad and Cal was writing some acoustic tracks with Sam for another project when he got the call up.

Were you inspired by other local Brisbane acts like Regurgitator when you started the band?

We sucked a lot of cock to get where we are…get it?…Why heck yes!

It must be an exciting time for the band with releasing your debut EP and playing a bunch of shows to celebrate the release?

Exciting is an understatement! This is us living the dream. Writing, recording and then touring all of that…it really is a privilege to be able to do this.

For those who are yet to hear the EP, what can you tell us about it?

It’s a great slice of The Arachnid life. Groove laden tracks with funk, rock and heart. You’re meant to enjoy each track from their cerebral lyrics to the hip shaking goodness they all possess.

How did you approach writing the EP? Were the songs on the EP, ones that you had written previously?

Three of the songs are shiny and new. The other two were older but got massive make overs to get them to their eight legged best.

Would you approach making your next record EP/album differently? If so, how?

Totally. We learnt a lot writing, demoing and recording [during] this EP. We are much more conscious of giving “all killer, no filler” all while looking at adding a greater depth to all our songs.

What can you tell us about the video for ‘No More Reason’? How did the idea of superheroes come about? You must have had a bit of fun making it…

It was great fun. However, coming up with the idea, filming and producing it in 3 days straight was more of a challenge. The clip is a light-hearted interpretation of the lyric. Having no fear or regrets holding you back from living your life. As for “super heroes”, the band’s collective personality is a bit on the geek side of the spectrum, so we love all things super hero, comic book and video game related. Getting dressed up to play villains in the clip was a bit of fun.

What is next for the band? 

We have HEAPS in store. August will see us hit the studio for EP#2. September sees us back to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for a mini tour to promote the next upcoming video from “The Vulture”. October and November have a regional tour in the works. December has Christmas, but we can’t take credit for that, and 2013 has the tour for EP #2. Wowzers.

Where can people check out your music/get your EP/see you play?

The EP will be release physically and digitally on the same night as our single launch – July 20th. It will be on iTunes, in JB Hi Fi and across the multiverse. Until then, you can buy the single from iTunes (with a delicious acoustic b-side) as well as download some tracks for FREE from the Triple J Unearthed website.


Many thanks to Sam for taking the time to chat to us as well as a big shout out to Renae from Footstomp.

You can check out the bands FREE tracks on Triple J Unearthed: 


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