REVIEW: THE KILLERS – “Runaways” [Single]

The Killers – Runaways [Single]

Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s been a long four years since fans and music lovers alike last heard from Las Vegas quartet, The Killers. But the wait will be, somewhat over, with the release on their new single, Runaways.

Evidently, four years can change a band – and The Killers are no exception. Their synth/pop/rock has been traded in for a more classic Americana sound. Their infectious hooks have been taken to a different level. And frontman Brandon Flowers’ vocals are almost unrecognisable – channelling a sound somewhere between Meatloaf and The Gaslight Anthem. That’s not to say this new sound/style is bad – it’s just unexpected.

Lyrically, the track follows the bands original foundations – arousing wonderful imagery through simple storytelling. “We used to laugh, now we only fight“, croons Flowers – striking an emotional chord with the listener. It’s this ability to narrate the simplest of situations that has undoubtedly stayed with the band – ever since 2004 when they famously penned the lyrics, “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier.”

Without a doubt, this is a new direction for the band – and a step into the right direction, as far as their future goes. The bands ability to remain relevant, yet still display their versatility as artists is commendable, and by no means, an easy feat. I, for one, am certainly looking forward to seeing what the band will do next when the new album [‘Battle Born‘] is released in September.


One response to “REVIEW: THE KILLERS – “Runaways” [Single]

  1. This is so Bruce Springsteen. Runaways just feels like a bit of an album track though, I can’t believe they thought this was the best they could come up with as their first single in years. It sure sounds like some of their earlier work but is that necessarily a good thing? Here’s my more alteranative take

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