Canadian metal torchbearers Kobra And The Lotus, signed to Gene Simmons’ own Simmons Records, under exclusive license with Spinefarm/Co-Operative Music will release their debut album on August 10.  It’s a momentous occasion for stunning vocalist Kobra Paige, marking a significant step in her quest to front a powerful world-renown metal band.

As a 15 year old student and aspiring singer/songwriter, Kobra Paige was struck with a sudden burst of passion and inspiration at a Judas Preist show at 17,000-capacity venue Saddledome, in Calgary Canada. “It was the first time I’d been to a concert on that scale, and it was quite overwhelming… the atmosphere, the energy, the noise, the bond between the fans, and then of course the band themselves.” Recalls Kobra“I loved the twin-guitar set-up, but it was Rob Halford that grabbed my attention the most – he’s such an iconic frontman, and he’s been truly influential in defining what heavy metal has become…”. For the vast majority of those at the Saddledome, the Priest concert was a hugely entertaining night out, a reason to go home and give the likes of ‘Living After Midnight’ a late night blast; for Kobra, however, this was much more – a life-defining moment from which there would be no turning back.

On Kobra & The Lotus’ self-titled release, producer Kevin Churko (who’s previous credits include both Ozzy Osborne & Five Finger Death Punch) was brought in to assist in delivering precisely delivered songs heavy with emotion. The band’s signing to Gene Simmons’ label has not been without its advantages and his knack for polishing metal gems into arena-ready anthems is evident at every turn. The release has an intentionally grand-scale dynamic, reveling in the glories of the genre and making its mark as ‘arena’ rather than ‘garage’ rock.

If the intention was to produce a body of work that spectacularly sums up just where pure heavy metal is in 2012, then that box can now be ticked… and if there’s a pyramid that needs building, or a large stone or two to be dragged across the desert, then this would be an ideal soundtrack – music conceived with a love for tradition, yet a keen eye on the future, topped off by a vocal performance that instantly aligns the 23-year-old songstress with some of the genre’s best.

Kobra And The Lotus have just completed an international touring schedule that saw them making major festival appearances in eight different countries, starting in Spain and running through Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Belgium & Italy. All necessary steps in setting up an album that carries a message in the lyrics and a coiled strike in the music.

In short, heavy metal has a New Face. A New Voice. A New Name.


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