INTERVIEW: thenewno2

thenewno2 started out as a faceless entity – not something you’d expect from a band fronted by the son of one of the most famous musicians in the world. A brave move by Dhani Harrison backed up by hard work and sheer talent, thenewno2 stands alone as one of the foremost alternative indie rock bands in both America and the UK.We chatted to guitarist Jeremy Faccone about playing at Lollapalooza, working with Regina Spektor and their new albumthefearofmissingout

By Emma Dean

 The new album ‘thefearofmissingout’ is done and ready to go – what can we expect?

Expect everything you would normally not imagine to expect… the writing and recording process was all based on the concept of the fear of missing out.. It came from our own fears of missing out on life moments.

You’ve mentioned that you want to move forward and start afresh musically with each album, how have you done this with ‘thefearofmissingout’ since 2009’s ‘You Are Here’?

‘You Are Here’ was written and recorded by just Dhani and Oli, where ‘Thefearofmissingout’ was more of a collaboration with the whole band.

 How was working with Regina Spektor [US] on ‘Live a Lie’ from EP 002?

She has the most amazing voice, we were so lucky to be honoured with her vocals on ‘Live a Lie’!

You experiment with a wide range of sounds – what music do you listen to that influences you the most?

We bond over different styles of electronic, hip hop, rock and folk music. The list goes on and on and on…

What does everyone in the band bring to the table when writing? Lyrically and musically?

We all brought our own versions of “Fomo” [fear of missing out] to the writing process which also lead to all the lyrics and melodies.

You’re heading back to Lollapalooza this year – who are you looking forward to sharing the stage with? Where else are you heading for your album tour? Will you be heading to the UK/Australia anytime soon?

We are so excited to be heading back to Chicago to Lollapalooza again! Seeing all the varieties of music is always an overwhelming experience! Jack White is always exciting to watch live!

We hope to be in the UK/Australia area this Fall.

What are your thoughts on industry events like SXSW? Would that be something the band would be interested in exploring?

SXSW is such a great place for new music to be discovered, as well as a great place for any band to explore.

Oliver directed your first two music videos, are you working on any new music videos (apart from the bi-weekly album trailers)? What can you tell us about them?

Oli’s working on our new video for ‘Make it Home’ as we speak! So excited!

What can people expect from your live shows?


What other side projects are the band working on? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

If we could resurrect ODB that’s our next side project!

 Any advice for bands just starting out?

Don’t get addicted to coffee and burritos!

 Any local up and coming bands you’d like to give a shout out to?

Nedry! (

What’s next for thenewno2?

Bring the Fomo to the world!


Many thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to talk to us and special thanks to Sarah at Wasted Youth PR.

thefearofmissingout is out on July 31st – check out the bands website for tour details:


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