Manchester Academy

Reviewed by Emma Stone

Opening with ‘Supervixen’ the same track that kick’s off their 1995 self-titled album does, Garbage make a welcome return to the stage, and it’s as though they’ve never been away. Shirley Manson towers onstage in platform heels, her trademark flame-red hair pulled back into a tight bun, proving herself to still be every inch the leading lady that she was back in the 90’s.

Not only do they manage to fit in six tracks off their latest album, including title track ‘Not Your Kind Of People‘, ‘Control’ and ‘Automatic System Habit‘, Garbage also ensure they don’t scrimp on playing all the hits from their mass back catalogue. ‘Queer’ and ‘Stupid Girl’ feature only four songs in, with the former generating a massive cheer from the audience and the latter proving to be the sing-a-long track of the night. When the unmistakable riff to ‘Why Do You Love Me’ kicks in, it’s not long before Shirley’s writhing round on the floor and demanding the crowd to sing.

She takes a minute to give heartfelt thanks to the fans who’ve waited seven years to see Garbage return to the stage; in fact, she repeatedly expresses her gratitude by thanking them more and more throughout the set. Finishing the main set with ‘Vow’ before coming back for encore ‘I‘m Only Happy When It Rains‘, Manson belts out “Pour your misery down on me!”

I think it’s safe to say that tonight, the last thing that the crowd is feeling is misery, only overwhelming relief that Garbage are back where they belong.


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