Calling All Astronauts – Winter Of Discontent

Reviewed by Paul Fellowes


Following the success of their debut single, Someone Like You, which managed airtime on over sixty radio stations and most definitely isn’t anything to do with internationally acclaimed Adele, Calling All Astronauts present their follow-up single in the form of Winter Of Discontent.


Unlike the career-launching single, Winter Of Discontent doesn’t seem to have such a rigid and controlled persona about it. The entrance to this sounds somewhat like it could be the hook for an MTV advert, however, upon reaching seven seconds, the deep lying violins make their appearance and a more physically fuller body comes to light.


Vocally, the track isn’t conventional or particularly pleasing to the ears – with David B’s vocals disappointingly falling short of his clear talent as a music programmer.


Overall, this slightly overbearing track hasn’t made as much of an impact on me as their debut.  Musically, the track is a lot deeper and less contrived than previous offerings. While the vocals aren’t particularly plausible, it’s fair to say that with a bit more work and a little more time, Calling All Astronauts have the potential to produce something better.



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