REVIEW: THE GOOD SHIP – ” O’ Exquisite Corpse”

The Good Ship – O’ Exquisite Corpse

Reviewed by Meghan Player

“The Good Ship is a very bad ship” explains the introduction to Brisbane 8-piece collective, The Good Ship. On the back of a recent tour announcement, the band are about to unleash their new album, ‘O’ Exquisite Corpse‘ – a rollicking, infectious, thigh-slapping bunch of tunes that bring to life the tall stories of the high seas, albeit in a modern setting.

A word of warning: these aren’t the sea shanties your grandma used to sing about.

Kicking off with ‘Ghost Ship‘ – the album launches into a glorious, scene-setting melody – dotted with a plethora of sea-inspired sounds [thanks to the inclusion of an accordion and subtle horn section].

Latest single – and subsequent video – ‘Powder Monkey‘ draws you further into the slightly off-centre world of the Good Ship – with its infectious melody and  chorus that you can’t help but sing along to.

By the third track ‘Sin City Sweetheart‘ – a touching story about finding love with a 70 year prostitute – you come to realise that this band deliver exactly what they promise – an intriguing blend of porno-country-folk-cabaret – which following tracks, ‘Grenfell‘ and ‘What I’m Trying To Say’ ultimately build upon.

Album closer ‘Gentlemen Don’t Tell‘ is a fitting finale – stirring, melodic and wonderful, the track builds naturally, only to fade towards the end – much like a ship heading off into the distance [pardon the pun].

Overall, O’Exquisite Corpse is another stellar album from the Brisbane based sea-lovers. Their ability to combine infectious and haunting melodies with their tongue-in-cheek lyrics and attitude make for one wholly enjoyable listen.

Do yourself a favour – buy this album.

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