King Cannons + Major Tom & The Atoms
28th June 2012
Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney

Reviewed by Meghan Player

King Cannons have been slowly but surely making a name for themselves of late – not only in Australia, but in various parts of Europe. With the recent release of their debut album, The Brightest Light – and the subsequent album release show tonight in Sydney, the band undoubtedly had the perfect opportunity to prove themselves to a decent-sized crowd.

Opening band Major Tom & The Atoms were almost straight out of the late 70s/early 80s – kicking around a combination of jazz-infused rock that is presently making a small comeback. Frontman, ‘Major’ Tom Hartney instantly drums up images of English rocker, Jim Jones [of the Jim Jones Revue] – though lacks the in-your-face attitude that Jones possesses. That being said, the band do well to entertain and engage the growing crowd, moving back and forth across the stage with boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm that warrants them a ‘tick of approval’.

However, tonight belonged to King Cannons. And they did not disappoint.

Opening with ‘Smoked Out City‘ the band, to put it mildly, nailed their entire performance from the minute they stepped on stage – immediately grabbing the crowds attention, drawing them in and never letting their minds wander to anything other than the music.

Undoubtedly, this was a night the band had been looking forward to for a while – running through a set list that comprised most, if not all, the tracks from their debut album, as well as their earlier, self-titled EP. ‘Stand Right Up‘, encore ‘Take The Rock‘ and ‘Teenage Dreams‘ took on new life tonight – sounding bigger, heavier and more powerful than what the CDs could contain – demonstrating not only the bands ability as song writers, but as formidable live performers.

Frontman Luke Yeoward is as good as they come – not only involving the crowd in all elements of their performance, but making them feel the music on a deeper level. The most poignant moment of the night being during the gorgeous acoustic track ‘Everyman’s Tale‘ – where Yeoward tells the audience to “be quiet, stand still and just listen for the next three minutes” – which works surprisingly well. Not one person moves, conversations stop mid sentence, and the crowd willingly gets caught up in the music.

Overall, tonight not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. King Cannons are a formidable, unique and awe-inspiring band that presently have the world at their feet. Their energy, enthusiasm and passion for music knows no bounds, and without a doubt, there is no stopping them as to how far they can go in the future.

Keep an eye on these kids – not only do they know what they are doing, they do it fucking well.


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