REVIEW: PEEPSHOW – “Brand New Breed” [Album]

Peepshow – ‘Brand New Breed’ [Album]
Reviewed by Emma Dean

Sleazy 70s glam rock is back with a pop punk twist thanks to Scottish quintet Peepshow. Big hair, eyeliner and even bigger riffs, this is one band who grab your attention and refuse to let go. In the style of Black Veil Brides with a dash of the 69 Eyes and the atmosphere of Nightwish, ‘Brand New Breed‘ is an album of theatrical proportions.
Wake Up Call‘ leads us slowly into the record, strings mixed in with TV news reports that blend into heavy riffs and white noise.
First single ‘Let Go‘ is big. Anthem big. Catchy hooks and soaring choruses lure you in, and even more so with ‘Live Free or Die‘. Strings have been used excellently in this track, adding to the grand theatrical atmosphere of the album.
Only a Dream‘ breaks the mould so far, vocallist Johnny Gunn whispering the lyrics against a soft backdrop of synths, reaching straight into your heart.

It’s a refreshing hark back to when music had a vision as well as an amazing sound. The lyrics are heartfelt, the vocals soaring and the riffs backbreaking.
Stand out tracks are ‘Irreversible‘, title track ‘Brand new Breed‘ and ‘Live Free or Die‘.


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