REVIEW: KING CANNONS – “The Brightest Light” [Album]

King Cannons – The Brightest Light

Reviewed by Meghan Player
It’s been a long patient wait for fans of rock and roll, feel good punks King Cannons – with the release of their debut album, ‘The Brightest Light‘ due to hit the shelves this month. And thankfully, the album is well worth the wait.
Album opener ‘Stand Right Up‘ is a wonderfully infectious tune. The feel-good rhythms and melody instantly strike a chord with the listener, urging you to get up and dance.
Not to be outdone, latest single ‘Too Young‘ follows the infectious rhythms of its counterpart – with frontman Luke Yeoward channelling a sound somewhere between Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen. Undoubtedly, it’s this mix of old school, righteous, idealistic ‘punk’ that makes this band – and their future – ridiculously promising.
Title track, ‘The Brightest Light‘ shifts the tempo, if only briefly, with the band opting for a mellow, ballad-esque sound – punctuated with a heavier, harder-hitting chorus.
The heavy bass licks of ‘Shot To Kill‘ instantly grab your attention, pulling you further into the incredibly cool rhythms and melodies the band possess – whilst ‘Ride Again‘ draws heavily on the Bruce Springsteen sound again to create something that would even make the Boss tap his foot in appreciation.
Everyman’s Tale‘ is a glorious acoustic narrative, once again demonstrating the bands uniqueness and versatility, whilst still remaining completely relevant and familiar at the same time.
Album closer ‘The Last Post‘ slowly builds, threatening to explode into a gigantic chorus to create a final lasting impression with each impending note.

Overall, this is a solid debut from one of Australia’s most promising, up-and-coming acts. The perfect mix of the old and new styles of rock and roll will appeal to a range of music fans, and will certainly grab the attention of a wider, more international audience.

‘The Brightest Light’ is released June 22nd.



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