Transvaal Diamond Syndicate – Sins of the Blessed

Reviewed by Meghan Player

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate have been killing it over the last few months, touring to some of Australia’s most regional – and indeed non-regional – cities on their Pistols At Dawn tour. So, it was only inevitable that their take on a dirty blues genre should come across my path.

Sins of the Blessed is a mini-sampler if you will, of foot-stomping, hip shaking, head banging dirty blues that makes me wonder why it took me so long to find these guys. Opening track, ‘Devil On My Shoulder‘ is a perfect little intro to the band and their sound, whirring and blasting into the mind of the listener.

I’m Your Ticket’ follows much the same, distorted rock vibe – slowing the tempo and delivery during the verse, allowing for the chorus to kick in and blast out of your speakers.

The catchiest licks, however, belong to ‘Ol’ Carolina‘ – a feel good, rag-tag style narrative about travelling to the ‘deep South’. It’s this sound and style that not only grab the listeners’ attention, but hold onto it.

Demonstrating a commendable list of sound versatility, the ‘album’ twists and turns again with ‘Blackwater‘ – a more jazz and blues sound combined with the distressed rock ‘signature’ of the band, only to create a track that you can’t help but be swept up in the melody of.

Latest single, ‘Pistols At Dawn‘ is by far my favourite track on the album. The high energy, almost frenzied sound coupled with the killer video that has been passed around the interwebs – make for one damn good ditty.

Cold-Hearted Killer‘ is a gutsy end to an ‘it’s-all-over-way-too-quickly’ album.

Undoubtedly though, this little sampler from the Brisbane natives leaves you hungry for a whole lot more.



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