REVIEW: GHXST – “Doomgirl” [Single]

GHXST – Doomgirl [Single]

Reviewed by Paul Fellowes


The release of a vinyl LP last year led to the decision of a new, UK tour this one and GHXST have, along with this announcement, given a small taster of what is to come in the form of Doomgirl.

The comparison to a few of their older tracks (Devil Between Us or No End In Sight) brings forth the knowledge that their progression from yesteryear is, to say the least, vast. However, a vast progression from an original sound is not to suggest that I am in adoration.

Doomgirl faces new instrumentation and it does not go unnoticed to anyone whom has ever enjoyed the music of GHXST. It seems that the overblowing bass is the centre of attention nowadays and this, for me, along with the now un-tampered vocal, takes away the subtlety and dustiness that gave them such an edge beforehand.

Their current format of music seems to take likeness to The Horrors ventures or the style of London-band My Elastic Eye – with it’s slightly mistuned vocals, overcasting noise but roaring impatience and eclectic confidence. It’s that confidence and desire to flaunt misery-pop that gives this track a desirability and consciously subtle necessity for the listener, even though – for a while – they may question it.



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