Papa Pilko & The Bin Rats – S/T – EP

Reviewed by Meghan Player

Only recently I was fortunate enough to come across blues crooning local band, Papa Pilko & The Bin Rats. If the name itself wasn’t enough to drive my intrigue, their tunes certainly were.

Bar Fight Blues‘ is exactly what I was hoping for. Smooth as fuck bass lines, early blues/big band inspired horn sections and a growling vocalist that instantly drums up images of Tom Waits – what more could you want?

Keeping that vibe going, ‘I Demand Satisfaction‘ thrives on the almost ‘spoken word’ style of vocal delivery to weave a deadly narrative. The smoothness of the track is undoubtedly what sells this band to the listener – urging you tap your foot and nod your head to the blues rhythms.

Into The Light‘ switches tempos – delivering a deeper bass sound with a subtle and sexy melody that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Gentlemen’s club in the 1930s.

Final track, ‘The Gambler‘ switches the melody up once again – drawing on a stronger country and blues sound – driven home by the stirring “harp” section.

Overall, if you haven’t already gathered, this is one killer little EP from a great local act. The versatility of the bands sound is incredible – not once moving away from the core image, sound, style and personality of the band.

This is definitely a band I’ll be keeping an eye on.



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