REVIEW: STRANGERS – “Persona Non Grata” [Single]

Strangers – ‘Persona Non Grata’ [Single]

Reviewed by Emma Dean

Strangers have been teasing us with snippets from their debut album for a while now and latest single ‘Persona Non Grata‘ is doing nothing for my patience. Fresh from warming the stage for Calling All Cars, Closure in Moscow and UK’s The Darkness, the Sydney rockers are starting to make a splash in the Aussie music scene.

‘Persona Non Grata’ is haunting at times, raw and real as singer Ben Britton croons into the microphone, lulling you into a false sense of security before the guitars accelerate him flawlessly into a passionate scream.

Furiously keeping up the pace, heavy and energetic guitar riffs contradict the overall (unsurprising) negative tone of the lyrics of the unwanted stranger.

The boys have once again delivered what can only be described as an epic track, and one that will tide us over until the release of their debut album in August. Just…



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