REVIEW: YELLOWCARD – “Always Summer” [Single]

Yellowcard – Always Summer (Single)

Reviewed by Mark Plummer

It’s been a little over fourteen months since the release of Yellowcard’s long awaited album When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, yet after constant touring to promote their first release after a two year hiatus, they’re already back in the studio working on their eighth studio album.

From the first guitar riff, Always Summer is a straight up Yellowcard song, there’s no messing about and nothing out of the ordinary, but that’s just fine for the opening single off of a brand new release. We need something to reassure that they haven’t totally changed what their sound is all about. The Violin, which is unusually held back to begin with, has had it’s entry timed to perfection. After it finally shows up in the post-Chorus, it starts to make its more accustomed entrances throughout the final Verse and Chorus before imparting a scorching solo. The Drums offer the usual mix of solid and thorough playing with a few technical parts thrown in here and there. Where the hits on the bell of the ride cymbal are lost in the second Verse, it’s complimented wonderfully with the introduction of the Violin instead. The Bass holds its own very well in the Verses, feeling full of warmth and along with the changing guitar parts through the Verses, they help to add plenty of texture and versatility.

This is a song that showcases a good array of balance and maturity whilst still holding down values in Yellowcard’s roots and growth. It’s almost a trip down memory lane to the songs of Ocean Avenue, with it’s big time summer feel accompanied by the line “It’s always summer in my heart and in my soul”. It’s definitely a track worth splurging a few of those hard earned pennies on.

5 out of 5

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