REVIEW: HURON – “War Party” [EP]

Huron – War Party (EP)

Reviewed by Rob Barker

Taking their name from native North Americans, Plymouth’s Huron are relatively unknown despite some fairly heavyweight backing.

With previously tour-mates including Valient Thorr and Viking Skull, their style’s pretty easy to predict, stripped back old-school thrash with solid riffs and no frills.

Their latest EP, War Party, is cast from the same mould, but thanks to following such a formulaic structure it does suffer from sounding a touch predictable. The opening track, ‘Fight For Your Life’ does a respectable job of showing the band’s old-school style, but nothing in particular stands out, resulting in it sounding like a wrestler’s entrance music.

The lyrics in the opener are equally tried and tested, with lines such as “Fighting on foreign shores, a war to make us one religion” drawing obvious comparisons to Slayer’s ‘Christ Illusion’ LP, which dealt with the subject in a thrash context in a far more interesting way.

The rest of the record is consistent, but again, nothing shines through. Room 174 features a great Black Label Society style riff, complete with popping harmonics, but it feels like one of Zakk Wylde’s cast-offs.

By far the most solid track is Mercy Killing, complete with great double-kick drums and snappy clean basslines. Vocalist Sean Kenivel really shows what he can do, mixing sneering, Randy Blythe-like shouts with funereal downbeat cleans.

With the follow up EP, War Party II, set for release later in the summer, it really makes you wonder why Huron didn’t just wait and release the record as one LP, although hopefully they’ll have learnt from the weak points of their first effort to bring us something really special.



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