Art By Numbers – Various Tracks

Reviewed by Paul Fellowes

There has been a lot of talk about up and coming Fresno band, Art By Numbers in the lead up to the release of their debut album, “Reticence: The Musical” – at the end of this month. Fortunately, the band have given listeners, including myself, the chance to have a taste of things to come – and, without a doubt, this is an intriguing band.

The Man In The Box‘ delivers a similar intensity that you would expect from London band Dragonforce. While the signature guitar riffs that spank any competition out of the park are almost second nature to Dragonforce, Art By Numbers give the Londoner’s a run for their money.

Upon the first listen of the track, the vocals are somewhat drowned out by the blistering, somewhat overbearing guitars, however, the further the track progresses, and the more involved the listener becomes – it becomes apparent that Art By Numbers have a distinct way in which they create music.

The style of the track does switch paths throughout – creating an almost Panic! At The Disco sound. The piano-esque hook that carries the track is unbelievably good – and while the song itself is, relatively crazy, it’s that style that sells the track over.

Best Laid Plans‘ begins with an eerie sounding whistle and “doo-doo” that opens the listener up to the ambiance of the track. The jazz style drum tap and bass riff show an undoubtedly different side to the band – emphasised by the astounding vocals that kick in. Comparisons to 30 Seconds to Mars spring to mind, as the track continues into a wonderful array of melody and sound.

Memoire Insuffisante‘ follows suit – the levels collaborating beautifully with the whimsical vocals that take complete charge during the track. The drum beat and self-confessed metal genre becomes more apparent in a minute or so – with raging guitars that still manage to keep their cool in terms of volume –  and the rise in tempo that creates another area of potential for this bands bright future.

Watching my intrigue for Art By Numbers grow, the beginning of Twelve Days was slightly too much. It’s a pity to see that, after three songs, I’d become a little lethargic and disinterested when this track came about.

The melody doesn’t seem so comfortable and it becomes, almost a mould of inhabitable music to which a patchwork of unfinished business has been created. Unfortunately, the songs structure is fragmented – and, while the musicality is still there, [and there’s no doubting that these guys have a unique and pretty special set of talents], for the listener, this one will be at the end of the metaphorical list.

Comforted by the fact that I’d enjoyed three of the four tracks on offer, final track Reyes sees the band return to the structure, competitiveness and estranged pleasure of the earlier tracks. The authentically classic way of opening on a changing radio station, to then come up with a pretty and pranced guitar riff, verging on metal rage, is brilliant and picks up the listener no matter their state of mind.

Undoubtedly, this is a great way to finish off the ‘taster’ of tracks. While the track doesn’t allow the listener to bow out and calm down, it leaves a lasting impression and means that Art By Numbers won’t be forgotten.

This is one little band to keep your eyes on this year.


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