Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – Apocalyptic Love

Reviewed by Emma Dean

In his first offering as a solo artist, Slash’s 2010 self-titled debut featured a range of artists taking over on vocals, including big names such as Dave Grohl, Ozzy Osbourne and Chris Cornell. This time around for Apocalyptic Love, touring vocalist Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge has turned collaborator, taking the helm and blowing everyone out of the water.

With music by the exquisite guitarist that is Slash and lyrics by Kennedy, Apocalyptic Love is a heavy and twisted journey into addiction.

Starting off with doomsday rock, title track Apocalyptic Love speeds into life before dragging you down into hell. One Last Thrill is classic punk rock, Kennedy’s vocals stealing the show and continuing to do so throughout the rest of the record.

You’re a Lie is by far my favourite track – the guitars shred to perfection and Kennedy’s passionate vocals are so powerful they nearly punch you in the throat.

Unsurprisingly, Slash is in his element in every track, with no guitar solo out of place or too long so as to bore the listener.

AnastasiaNot For Me and Far and Away mellow out the record. Hard & Fast is exactly that, and you can’t help feeling like you’re speeding down a freeway with the top down and the radio blaring. Final track Crazy Life could easily become the next rock anthem with its infectious hooks.

The album is pure dirty rock ‘n’ roll and an example of artist collaboration at its finest. Modern, passionate, infectious and downright rocking, Kennedy and Slash were made for each other.



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