REVIEW: FLY THIS FOR ME – “Making Shadows”

Fly This For Me – Making Shadows

Reviewed by Mark Plummer

Few bands have the ability to captivate a listener from the first listen, but the first five seconds of opener She Said certainly makes an impression. The verses do seem a bit lack lustre, the vocal work doesn’t seem to be quite sure of what it should be doing, but come the chorus and that male vocal quickly comes alive. After this the second verse is another step up and seems to set in concrete how the song should have started. What sets this EP apart from others is just how raw and yet professional it all sounds. Fly This For Me give off this great persona of being that brand new band that everyone wants to know first, yet also having their feet well grounded and knowing how to bring out a decent record.

We All Fall sets off at a blistering pace with some quality guitar work that is echoed through out the four tracks. The opening fills on the drums that lead into the quick guitar riff give this an edginess that is hard to beat and whilst it’s definitely not a Funeral For A Friend  or Story Of The Year tribute band, there’s certainly a bit of resemblance here and there. It’s this resemblance that will help them appeal to a wider market, different yet similar all in one, they’re appealing and easy to listen to. Whilst there is plenty of room for improvement, this is still an excellent release and deserves plenty of praise. These sorts of releases are hard to come by and should be grabbed and held onto. Magical and amazing all in one, all that’s remaining is a full length release.

4 out of 5


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