REVIEW: BURY THE HATCHET – “It Was Never Enough” [EP]

Bury The Hatchet – It Was Never Enough

Reviewed by Adam Smith

There are a number of bands across the UK who have tried to blend the intensity of hardcore with metal elements, yet many have struggled to do so with aplomb.

Thankfully, Bury The Hatchet are not one of those bands.

The E.P’s opener “It Was Never Enough” sets the motif of the record, with impressive guitar work intertwined with caustic vocals in a one minute long sonic assault.

In ‘But We Still Keep Moving’, the up-and-comers impress even further, adding a dark, monolithic outro that is comparable Architects’ early material.

Although the production of the E.P is decidedly raw, it only complements the band’s gloomy sound. This is exemplified in “Protest”, where intricate guitar work is juxtaposed expertly with the menacing musical undertones usually associated with Defeater or Touche Amore.

As the frenetic ‘Broken Soul’ brings this release to an end, it’s going to be intriguing to see how the band evolve,  as they’ve already shown the credentials necessary to make noises in Britain’s overcrowded hardcore and metal circuits.



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