REVIEW: THE FEAR – “Here Goes Nothing”

The Fear – Here Goes Nothing

By Emma Dean

Five piece punk rockers The Fear are a breath of fresh air to the scene, and if their debut album ‘Here Goes Nothing’ is anything to go by, then punk is definitely NOT dead.

Hailing from York, The Fear have been touring the world and wowing crowds with their live shows since 2004. Playing with the likes of MXPX, Zebrahead and Sonic Boom Six – as well as releasing EP ‘Heavy Hearts & Bloodshot Eyes’ last year – the time has finally come for their debut. And it has been worth the wait.

Opening track ‘There Lie Better Days Ahead’ rips straight into the riffs, with a full minute of crunching guitars that grab your attention before diving into melodic and heartfelt lyrics.

Favourite track ‘The Bitter Taste’, powers headfirst into crunching riffs, reminiscent of early records of The Used – with a twist of Sugarcult. Gang vocals from the rest of the band during the chorus add strength to the song, lifting it from the other tracks.

Great News for Typists’ is another stand out track – not afraid to cram in several over-the-top (but incredible) rounds of guitar riffs. Their hardcore influences shine, with more gang vocals and just a touch of growl to balance out the slightly softer vocals.

Brace yourself, this is gonna hurt for a while…’ singer Bob croons in ‘The Apple of My Eye’. The start of this track goes in a completely different direction to the rest of the album, but returns to the previous rhythm – as if they couldn’t stand to be out of character for more than a minute.

Open All Hours’ ends the album on a high note, a feast of riffs and a chorus that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Here Goes Nothing’ is a stunning debut, the result of years of The Fear perfecting their sound. With aggressive vocals, heartwrenching lyrics and faultless musical technique (especially from guitarists Dave & Pete), ‘Here Goes Nothing’ takes you by the hand and drags you down into melodic punk rock perfection.             


One response to “REVIEW: THE FEAR – “Here Goes Nothing”

  1. Normally I steer clear of anything melodic-punk-thrashmetal sounding but I am truly impressed with this band and have found myself listening to them constantly the past few days. Definitely will be buying this album.

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